Metcraft's Ligature Resistant Plumbing Fixtures

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Ligature Resistant Combination Fixtures

Metcraft’s ligature resistant combination fixture is designed to reduce and/or eliminate tie holds in cells where suicide attempts are of concern. These fixtures are fabricated using heavy gauge stainless steel that is seamlessly welded to form a one-piece unit. Available in a wide variety of models, styles and options. Call Metcraft for more information.

Ligature Resistant Lavatory Fixtures

We have many different ligature resistant features as highlighted above. These fixtures are available in a wide variety of models, styles and options.

Ligature Resistant Shower Fixtures

Note: Metcraft Industries does not encourage the use of a hand shower for ADA compliance in areas where suicide, violence or vandalism may occur.

ADA guidelines make provisions for these areas, allowing a second fixed shower head to be installed at a height of 48” above the floor in lieu of the hand shower.

Ligature Resistant Toilet Fixtures

Metcraft Option MA

This fixture features a heavy gauge, integrally welded skirt from the rim height to the floor to inhibit its use as a tie hold. Available in a wide variety of models, styles and options.

Ligature Resistant Urinal Fixtures

The sloped top on this urinal is designed to thwart attempts to use the fixture body as a tie hold for suicide attempts. These units flush at .5gpf and are offered in a wide variety of models, styles and options.

Metcraft’s fixtures are the highest quality products in their class. Compare the Metcraft fixtures to our competitors and you will quickly see the superior design and construction details.

Through innovative design, Metcraft offers durable plumbing fixtures that meet today’s lower water usage requirements and provide many years of service.

Metcraft has been manufacturing fixtures for over 25 years. Our experience over the years has helped us develop fixtures that truly meet your requirements.

Disclaimer- Metcraft’s ligature resistant products are designed to reduce the probability that they will be used as an apparatus for ligature. These products are not a replacement for professionals who are trained in the proper evaluation, management and supervision of persons at risk of suicide.