Deck Mounted Retro-Fit Valve Information


Single Temperature
A341-DM-LR-4 with 4" C-C Deck Plate
A341-DM-LR-8 with 8" C-C Deck Plate
Dual Temperature
A342-DM-LR-4 with 4" Deck Plate
A342-DM-LR-8 with 8" Deck Plate

Standard Features

A311 Pneumatic Valve for Single Temperature Models
A312 Pneumatic Valve for Dual Temperature Models
Hemispherical Push Button
Hemispherical Bubbler
Deck Plate
Mounting Washers


Backsplash Mounted Retro-Fit Valve Information

The Metcraft retrofit pneumatic valve assemblies are designed to replace existing valves on vitreous china and aluminum prison fixtures or to compliment the installation of new vitreous china prison fixtures. These valves are furnished with push button assemblies, actuators and steel anchoring nipples. The steel anchoring nipples are designed to provide support for securing the fixture to the wall. 2-3/8” (60mm) OD push button escutcheon plates are furnished to adequately cover the larger push button holes found in these fixtures. A bubbler spud with an expanding rubber seal is provided to make the connection between the bubbler supply tubing and the integral bubbler.

Spout associated with these fixtures. Valves can be operated either as quick closing, metering or a combination of both operating modes.

When a single temperature valve is required, a stainless steel cover plate with an anchor is provided to secure the side of fixture opposite the single push button.

Replacement valves should be located within ten feet of the fixture(s). Where circumstances permit, valves can be manifolded to serve two fixtures from a single manifold.