Upgrade your aging, high
water consumption combination fixtures!

Replace your old high water consumption combination fixtures with modern water conserving combination fixtures from Metcraft Industries!

Our combination fixtures are designed to provide the most reliable, durable and sanitary features in the security market.

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Replacements for Discontinued Metcraft Combination Fixtures

Discontinued Model: 100-45-15L

Replacement Model: M3115-45L

Discontinued Model: 100-45-15R

Replacement Model: M3115-45R

Discontinued Model: 100-90-C15

Replacement Model: M3115-90C

Discontinued Model: 100-45-L

Replacement Model: M3118-45L

Discontinued Model: 100-45-R

Replacement Model: M3118-45R

Discontinued Model: 100-90-C

Replacement Model: M3118-90C

Replacements for Bradley Combination Fixtures

Their Model: 2531.116 Neolo (BS)

Our Replacement Model: R4670-4.25-12.75