Model 8170-R&L-LR & 8670-R&L-LR

Ligature Resistant Handicap Shower Cabinet


These Shower Cabinet Fixtures are designed for areas with an accessible pipe chase. They are fabricated using heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel. One-piece showers are welded to form a leak-proof enclosure. Knockdown styles utilize a one-piece receptor. Walls and ceiling parts are assembled at the job site using caulking to seal the joints and stainless steel security screws to join the components. Each shower cabinet is furnished with two fixed shower heads with the lower shower head positioned per A.D.A. guidelines. Standard control valves are single temperature pneumatic metering valves with A.D.A. compliant pushbutton operators. One pushbutton operates the upper (standard) penal shower head and another operates the lower penal shower head. Metering valves require a tempered water supply as they are not suitable for mixing hot and cold water. A folding shower seat and a safety grab bar are provided and mounted at A.D.A. prescribed locations. The outlet is a 2” (52mm) caulk type drain with a stainless steel strainer secured with stainless steel vandal resistant screws. Shower floor features a special slip-resistant treatment. An integral recessed stainless steel soap dish is also provided as a standard feature. Alternate shower control valves and alternate shower heads are available as options.


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