Anti-Flood Installation Diagram

Connect hydraulic “Flush Stop” valve to flush valve using special connection coupling with cloth inserted washers. Install the vacuum breaker on the downstream side of “Flush Stop” valve. Install assembly on unit as usual.

Slip compression nuts on tube. Install tube on float valve. Run interconnect tube to “Flush Stop” valve. Interconnect tube should be as short as possible, it should have a continuous rise from float valve to compression fitting. All bends should be as “gentle” as possible, be careful not to kink tube when bending. Install compression adapter on “Flush Stop” valve. Install interconnect tube to compression adapter.

The float valve is positioned to prevent water from overflowing the bowl. To adjust the water level, loosen the nuts on the mounting bracket for fill box assembly. This bracket has slots that will allow you to adjust the location of the fill box. Adjust the fill box so that it fully drains into the toilet bowl, then tighten the nuts to secure the fill box.

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