Flush Valve Stabilizer Installation

1. Install Flush valve per flush valve manufacturers recommendations or if previously installed verify it is installed per flush valve manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. Familiarize yourself with the Flush Valve Pipe Stabilizer installation drawing and how parts are assembled before proceeding with the installation.
3. Using a 3/16” Allen wrench remove cap screws from collars and brace.
4. Put two halves of a collar on either the horizontal or the vertical flush pipe tube and insert a cap screw through the hole opposite from where the brace would go and loosely thread the cap screw in.
5. In the opposite hole insert one end of the brace and loosely thread the other cap screw in place.
6. Using the previous method connect the remaining collar to the other pipe, leaving cap screws loose.
7. Adjust collars and brace were they resemble the illustration drawing. Make sure brace doesn’t interfere with compression nut on flush valve elbow in case it must be tightened in the future.
8. Using the 3/16” Allen wrench tighten the cap screws to 80 in-lbs. at the brace first then the outer screws.
9. After a short period of use check cap screws for tightness.

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