Flush Valve Pipe Stabilizers

Stabilize your valve piping in five minutes!

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Reliable
  • Helps Prevent Water Damage

Flush valve pipe separation and major flooding is possible, if not inevitable, with most penal toilet fixtures. This separation is due to the increased back pressure necessary to flush institutional toilets. This separation can cost many thousands of dollars in damages and cleanup. But, Metcraft’s new FVP Stabilizer can help eliminate this problem.

Two clamps attach to the vertical and horizontal discharge pipes with a solid connector joining them. This system reduces the vertical and horizontal movement of the flush pipes and helps prevent separation from the slip joint elbow. What’s more, FVP Stabilizers are inexpensive and quick to install without any disturbance to existing piping.


90° Flush Valve Pipe Stabilizer


Straight Flush Valve Pipe Stabilizer

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