Refurbishment Program

Before you scrap your old stainless steel fixtures, consider Metcraft’s fixture refurbishment program!

The next time you are faced with the repair or potential replacement of an expensive plumbing fixture, consider this cost-savings alternative first! Metcraft, the innovator in stainless steel plumbing fixtures, is once again breaking new ground with the Metcraft Refurbish Program – the only guaranteed refurbish program on the market today!

With nearly five decades of experience, Metcraft has qualified employees who can quickly evaluate your situation. If the fixture can be refurbished, Metcraft will completely refurbish the fixture to function with “like new” performance for a fraction of the cost of a new fixture.

Shipping to and from Metcraft is the facility’s responsibility. Once we receive your unit we’ll give you a free estimate on the cost to refurbish your fixture or if we suggest a full replacement. Metcraft will contact a wholesaler with the repair or replacement costs.

Plus, it doesn’t matter who manufactured your original fixture. Whether your fixture was made by Acorn, Bradley, Willoughby, Metcraft or any other stainless steel fixture manufacturer, Metcraft can fix it!

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